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General enquiries: 0800 064 0204
eDisclosure: 020 7242 9601
Reprographics: 020 7405 9178

57 Carey Street, London, WC2A 2JB

Fax: 020 7405 3877
DX 247 Chancery Lane 

About Legastat

Expert Litigation Support in London

Legastat are experts in litigation support for the legal sector. We provide a secure end-to-end service: from scanning, copying and printing, to forensic collection, edisclosure, managed review and electronic court bundles.

Located in the heart of legal London, we’ve been delivering a professional and efficient service since 1953.

The Information Security Standard (ISO27001:2013), Cyber Essential Plus Certificate and Quality Standard (ISO9001:2015) have been embedded in our operations for many years. Our clients know their information is safe in our hands. 

Law firms, corporations, government agencies, and sole practitioners rely on us to meet their litigation support and disclosure obligations on time, accurately and cost-efficiently.

We have been part of the government framework delivering Electronic Disclosure Services and Hard Copy review services to the public sector since 2012. We currently supply services through the RM6336 and G-Cloud frameworks.

Our long-standing staff, many with over 20 years of experience within Legastat, ensure we understand your requirements, and will always offer the best solution, saving you time and money.


The Legastat Team


John Eddowes


John has over 50 years of litigation support experience. He has led the business from its original paper-based services to computerised litigation and AI. John's extensive knowledge of the legal market continues to contribute significantly to Legastat's evolution.


Casian Sala

Managing Director

Casian Sala has been working for Legastat for over 20 years, gaining knowledge and experience in the field of electronic disclosure. Casian leads Legastat's sales and marketing activities and provides operational support to our departments.


Marion Mullins

Managing Director

Marion has managed Legastat's finance and administration teams for 20 years. Additionally, Marion has set up a comprehensive compliance framework for Legastat's evolving services.


David Collings

General Manager

David started working for Legastat in 1993 and 21 years ago he became our General Manager. David plays a leading role in Legastat's Information & Cyber Security.


Lorraine McNamara

Production Manager

Lorraine has been working for Legastat since 1987, managing our repro production facility for the last 15 years. Lorraine also supports the back office administration and compliance teams.


Alexandra Buzle

eDisclosure Services Manager

Alex has been working for Legastat for over 14 years, gaining significant experience in scanning, coding & indexing and eDisclosure. Alex now leads the eDisclosure department providing clients and team members with exceptional insight into data, analytics and problem solving.


Helen Georgiou

Sales Consultant

Helen has been working for Legastat since 2017, assisting our reprographic clients with pricing information and details of our services and products.

Quality Assurance


UKAS ISO 27001:2013

ISO 27001:2013 represents the highest standard in the field of information security, covering premises, people and processes that access confidential information. Having run the ISO certification for over 10 years, we can ensure that your information is secure when in our hands.


ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 is by far the world’s most established quality framework. It sets the standard not only for quality management systems but management systems in general. By implementing this standard, we’re showing our commitment to delivering the highest level of service.


Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials Plus helps to demonstrate that Legastat actively guards against the most common cyber threats, showing our commitment to information security.